About us

Health Watchers is a specialized diet center that provides its customers with complete and balanced nutritional meals and meal plans, helping them develop a certain discipline with food and set clear goals for weight loss . Our customers are welcomed by trained personnel to insure their well-being and satisfaction, and certified dieticians are committed to help them modify their standard way of eating and transform it into a healthier one.

Health Watchers dieticians have designed,in addition to the take away menu,a variety of diet programs for weight loss, energy boosting and more for customers to benefit from, and our chefs will make sure to serve you tasty meals low in calories,fat and sodium.


In order to achieve a successful lifestyle change, one must train his mind as well as his body. Health Watchers' customers will not only be provided with healthy and nutritious meals, but also advised on how to create a low fat meal and make smart choices when dining out. We, like our customers, understand the difficulties associated with dieting but you will be surprised to discover how well you will be able to eat and still lose weight .

At Health Watchers, we will help you recognize and change unhealthy habits, develop motivation and built the self-confidence you need to achieve your goals.This will give you back control of your health, placing you on the road to success.